Depielo (French YouTuber)
What up les gens?! Je suis Depielo, Youtuber de 26 ans. Cette chaine va te proposer de suivre les aventures du pilote François Depielo et l'univers de la course automobile qui l'entoure à travers divers jeux vidéos.
Le cadre de cette histoire est le fil rouge de la chaine mais n'empêche pas d'avoir d'autres vidéos sur les jeux de course, le SimRacing, ou la F1 IRL.

Project RSR (Racing Team)
Project RSR is a team made up of a Father & Son with support from Friends who race in the UK and Europe in their Classic 1973 Porsche 911 RSR.
The car is the First generation of builds and has developed massively from its inception in 2015. Being a front running car in both Race & Rally events it competes in with the long term aim to race in prestigious Historic Endurance Events.
The 2nd Generation car is currently in production and will be built to the 1973 Porsche 911 IROC car as raced in the Race of Champions.
Hydro (French YouTuber)
19.french. i do things. Racing videos.

Jeff Harvick (French YouTuber)
Bienvenue sur ma chaîne ! Venez découvrir de nouvelles vidéos quotidiennement sur de nombreux jeux très différents !

Race Clutch (Simracing Team)
Race Clutch is an international simracing team based in France, competing in the highest level of simracing. We promote, educate and help our simracers to reach their goals and compete in worldwide reknown competitions such as the F1 Esports Series, the World Championship Series on iRacing, the FIA Gran Turismo World Championship, the esport WRC, the Simracing Expo and many more.
Our goal is always to do our best in order to reach the top of the timing sheets. Purple laptimes are what we chase every day. Motivation, dedication, team work and humility are our main values. And that is what represents our colours scheme : Red, white and black.

#FortheREDS #FortheWIN